Appliance Relining

Your furnace, boiler, and/or water heater produce gases as a byproduct of burning fuel. These gases contain carbon monoxide and other harmful byproducts.

Your chimney’s job is top take these gases and remove them from your home. When your chimney fails either by wear and tear or poor construction, you are left with a potentially deadly environment in your home, as well as the potential for damage to your chimney's structure.

If there are gaps or cracks in the clay flue lining of your appliance chimney these gases can escape into the unprotected areas of your chimney or even worse, straight into your home. The gases are corrosive and will slowly eat the chimney’s masonry structure from the inside out, leaving you with the potential for water intrusion, structure failure, or carbon monoxide leaks into your home.



Relining your appliance flue with an appropriate lining material such as stainless steel (for furnaces and boiler) or aluminum (for water heaters) keeps the gases contained until they reach the atmosphere. A properly installed and insulated liner can also help your appliances operate more efficiently.

With over 25 years of experience, the chimney liner installation specialists at Butler Chimneys can help bring peace of mind back into your home.