Fireplace Liner

Fireplaces can be warm and inviting and can create an environment of comfort and enjoyment for your family. A well-designed and constructed fireplace can bring you peace of mind and safety. This is why it is important that if your fireplace system is damaged or incorrectly constructed it be addressed before further use. One of the most important portions of your fireplace system is the flue liner.

Masonry fireplaces systems are constructed in 3 segments:

  • The firebox which is the area you see and enjoy while having a fire.
  • The smoke chamber which is the are just above the damper that reduces down to the size of the flue liner from the larger firebox area.
  • The flue liner which cares the smoke from the smoke chamber all the way up and into the atmosphere.

The flue liner is generally made of clay/terracotta flue tiles, these tiles come in several different dimensions but are generally all 2’ tall. They stack on top of each other to create a passageway.

Clay is very fragile and can crack during a high heat event. Since these tiles are there to contain the flue gases (soot & creosote) if they are cracked they can no longer do this safety and effectively. If the flue gases begin to escape the flue tile passageway they can build up in an area where they can not be removed during a chimney sweep.

Creosote is a flammable byproduct of burning wood, which means that given the right temperatures creosote can ignite causing damage and potentially a structure fire. 

Relining a Flue System

Relining a flue system is done by removing the old damage flue tiles and installing a new stainless-steel sleeve. These stainless-steel sleeves are the best replacement material as they can withstand very high temperatures. These round stainless-steel liners are also a more efficient way to evacuate the flue gases. Smoke tents to move in a circular or spiral motion as it moves up, so installing a round liner helps the smoke exit the fireplace system much more efficiently. These stainless-steel liners come with a limited lifetime warranty and are insulated to help slow creosote/soot buildup.

With over 25 years of experience the chimney liner specialists at Butler Chimneys can replace your cracked or damaged flue system and get you and your family back to enjoying your fireplace again.