Stove and Insert Liner

Modern woodstoves and fireplace inserts are designed to be connected to a particular size flue liner. If not connected to the appropriate liner it can cause buildup of dangerous byproducts of wood burning and poor efficiency from the stove or insert.


Woodstoves and inserts efficiency depend on proper venting and draft. When the flue system is too large the flue gases begin to slow and cool down before they escape the flue system. The “residency” time causes excessive creosote buildup in the flue. Over time this build up will hit a dangerous level as creosote/soot is flammable. Sometimes this rapid cooling of the glue gases can cause a tar like version of creosote that is extremely volatile and dangerous.

A properly sized round stainless-steel liner directly connected to the stove or insert can efficiently remove these gases before they have a chance to condense into creosote/soot.

With over 25 years of experience the chimney liner installation specialists at Butler Chimneys can help bring peace of mind back into your home.