We believe that training isn't just something our employees should have to do and feel like it's an obligation. We Have made training a priority in our company, it is embedded into our culture. We focus on building a team that builds one another up through fun and interactive training activities. 


Every Tuesday We take an hour out of our weekly meeting to go over a specific topic. These topics range from safety, technical procedures,  Code refreshers, and sometimes just the basics of our industry standards. We use friendly competition to challenge each other and help create a team-building experience. This style of training facilitates a team atmosphere that passes over into the field, where we have an "all for one and one for all" mentality.


The last Friday of every month we take the day out of the field for a full training day. In the morning We begin with a safety topic or procedure, then move to a classroom topic. In the afternoon we move to a hands-on training activity. The hands-on portion will sometimes result in a field trip to a current job or an employee home that may need work that we would like to focus on. We recently decided to open these training days up to all of the chimney and fireplace companies in our area. We have found that building these relationships with our fellow chimney professionals helps all of us grow and better serve our communities.