Wood Inserts


Wood burning fireplace inserts are a great way to take an inefficient fireplace and add style and warmth. Open wood burning fireplaces are negatively efficient, meaning they steel more heat than they give. The fire needs lots of air to maintain combustion as well as draft. The air has already been conditioned by your heating system and now its being sent up the chimney.

This is where the fireplace insert comes into play. A fireplace insert uses minimal to no inside air for combustion while pushing warm air back into the room. Some of our inserts put 50,000 BTU’s or more, which is the same as a midsize furnace. Butler Chimneys has partnered with Regency Fireplace Products to bring you a beautiful line up of efficient wood burning fireplace inserts. Regency’s line up comes in many sizes and designs and fits a wide range of budgets. These efficient inserts also save your wood pile, with burn times between 8-14 hours on a single load of wood. That means less chopping and stacking!


So give us a call today to have one of Butler Chimneys expert installers bring warmth, comfort and efficiency into your home.