New Fireplace

Your factory-built fireplace brings warmth and enjoyment to your family. However, that fireplace has a standard useful life of 20 years (stated in the owner’s manual of almost all fireplace manufacturers), which means that the manufacturer has only guaranteed the fireplace’s safety and functionality for that long. When the fireplace exceeds this 20-year period all bets are off and some of the safety features of these fireplaces begin to degrade. These types of fireplaces are also known as “Zero clearance”, meaning some parts of the fireplace are allowed to touch combustible materials. If there is a failure in the fireplace system, the only thing standing in the way of your home burning to the ground is aging and highly flammable construction materials. Therefore, it is important to have these fireplace systems replaced after it has reached its life expectancy.

Butler Chimneys offers a wide verity of fireplace options from wood burning to gas and high efficiency whole home heaters to open face ambience fireplaces. Our highly trained technicians can remove your old fireplace and install a new one in just a few days, leaving you with a new upgraded look and feel.