Butler Chimneys' Mission Statement

Butler Chimneys is driven to create the best customer experience from start to finish. We want to solve our customer’s chimney problems, not just put a band-aid on Them. We strive to be the most educated so that we can keep our customers safe.

Our Core Values

Exceptional Service

This means we meet, if not beat, our customer's expectations. Taking the time to understand what our customer's expectations are, and We will find ways to go above and beyond these expectations.



We are a family-owned company that treats its employees as if they were family as well. We expect our employees to treat our customers with that same level of respect, making sure that they are safe and educated on the most dangerous part of their homes.


Honesty and Respect

We are a team and the only way that team will stick together is with honesty and respect. Keeping our company’s culture one of respectfulness and honesty will allow us to rely on each other and ultimately help us serve our customers to the best of our abilities.



Giving back to our communities through outreach programs and small and large acts of kindness helps us understand our communities better. This gives us a sense of camaraderie with the people in our community and will allow us to serve them as we would our friends and family.